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Foto Kutsal Kurucusu İbrahim Binicioğlu

Taksim Foto since 1969;

Our company has been serving as Taksim Foto / Sacred Photo since 1953, across the Galatasaray High School on Istiklal Avenue. From grandfather to father, from father to son, we have been writing the existence story of this profession for years.


As Sacred Photo, we are the first Photo Studio in Turkey to make grave painting. We, who have been serving for half a century in Granite, Marble or porcelain tombstones in almost every province of Turkey,taxi photoIt is signed as  ...


We as Taksim photo;passport photobiometric photo, passport picture,passport photo, visa photo, visa photo,lawyer photosAndlawyer pictures, wedding engagement, circumcision, child birth photos, studio shots, studio shots for agencies,portrait photographyshooting, amateur painting,black and whiteWe are still shooting.


In addition, many famous artists, musicians, actors and theater actors have been coming to our nostalgic photography studio since our establishment.


Holy photo, which has an archive of over 100,000, is a nostalgic photography studio. Our studio, also known as Studio Sacred, has been tried and tested for biometric photo patterns of consulates.r. BIt is very close to many consulates.


Finally, our studio is close to the Istanbul bar association and is a place preferred by lawyers to have their license pictures taken.

Kutsal Foto, 100.000'den fazla arşiv fotoğrafına sahiptir ve konsolosluklar için biyometrik fotoğraf kalıplarını onaylamıştır.


İstanbul Barosu'na da yakın bir konumda bulunan stüdyomuz, avukatların ruhsat resimlerini çektirmek için tercih ettiği bir mekan olarak da bilinir.

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